54Lights with Kondwani Mwase
54Lights with Kondwani Mwase

Episode 64 · 9 months ago

Dimmed (but) not diminished


We close Season III of 54Lights podcast with a short recap of the power of the season and an invitation to stay tuned for the next, and final, Season IV. 

The following is brought to you by braided media. Good morning, good day or good evening, and welcome to the final episode from the third season of fifty four lights. Our third season has come to a close and today signals our patient pivot to the fourth and final session. But before we forge forward, a word or two above the season that was. It was one that was built on the shoulders of some great guests and also some compelling contributions. To put it lightly, get it and see what I did there. Lightly.

Fifty four lights, lights, to put it lightly. We spoke to some remarkable souls, ones that have built and are fortifying communities that are rife with energy and purpose beyond the self. We started the year with art filled conversations from the motherland with Art Malawi's monotem Andy. After that we had some spirited conversations with our shows theme songwriters, multiformats. We then had a heartfelt conversation on healing with fungi mettler, who's based in Switzerland. From there, our travels took us on a winding journey across the globe, from the United States to Canada, to South Africa and even the United Kingdom. Each step along the way represented a personal and phenomenal foray into culture. To all the...

...guests who accompanied US along the journey, I send heartfelt thanks. To the listeners who introduced us, to guests who commented on shows and who engaged us by listening or otherwise leaning in, I send another heartfelt thanks. What should be cleared by now is that we have a lasting commitment to creativity. We've shown this by elevating creators and innovators that are igniting and reshaping the African narrative. They are also redesigning a complex yet beautiful African experience, and it is with that ethos that we step forward into our final season of fifty four lights. In it, we will focus on launching episodes focused on unearthing with greatness of each country on the continent. The journey will be aided by our guests...

...and some special surprises from a growing community partners and collaborators, cold conspirators, if you will. KIFF radio, Roland best from Eero Beats, Arianna Borsado, sepeway, moissaying and the family at braided media will all feature prominently in the upcoming journey. As you can imagine, getting to go, as in go for green light may take some time, so we're going to do that in an attempt to do it right. Be Sure to subscribe to this show and find and follow us on social so you can enjoy updates as they come. Now, before I go, I wanted to point out that I began this season, season three, with a note of dedication. It was one season I leaned into with a heavy heart after the loss of two family members, my sister and my father, Linda and James. I first thought that...

...the dedication would be taking up oxygen in only this our third season. After yet another year without them, I realize that that dedication remains. For you see, Linda and James, my sister and my father, along with other of my family members and my friends, are the best of me, and anything that carries my name that's worthwhile bears their brightness. I guess what I'm saying is that as this shows light burns, so too does my dedication to Linda and James, and so, as apropos to this show, I will say the dedication continues. For now, you're invited to listen to past episodes for the first time, for the second time or even for the third time, depending on who you are as you prime yourself for the new season ahead.

Stay safe and, if you feel compelled to connect, you can find me where. You follow me at crowd fifty four, until the final return to the auditory stage. Keep listening, keep liking and keep living out loud. My name is Cantwannie Watson and I cannot wait and speak to you again. Until then,.

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